Julian Assange Has ‘Incontrovertible Evidence’ That Will Destroy The Dem Party Once & For All Suggests Rep Rohrbacher


The declaration that Julian Assange’s proper removal hearing is because of start Monday has sent the Deep State defenders in the media into motionless overdrive.

Perusers of this space realize that it is so significant to the protection of the degenerate build inside the insight network to keep up the quietness of Julian Assange.

Assange’s Wikileaks was the wellspring of the hacked DNC messages that the Deep State asserted was the establishment to start the Russia scam assaults and the reconnaissance of Donald Trump, first as an up-and-comer and afterward as president.

Then again, actually was rarely demonstrated. There was a homicide yet the weapon was purportedly never found… or all the more accurately, never inspected by measurable specialists. Why?

For what reason was the revelation by Crowdstrike, a DNC temporary worker, wholeheartedly believed?

At the point when President Trump requested Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelenskyy’s assistance getting the DNC server from Crowdstrike, he was indicted by degenerate lawmakers paying special mind to their own personal circumstance. Why?

The Russia scam has been totally exposed, with the exception of one significant point. A shout point… were the Russians even liable for the hacked messages that Wikileaks made open?

At the point when that answer is known, in the event that it is ever known, and it is resolved that Russia was not included… Well, that is the point at which the whole lie of Trump-Russia plot is uncovered.

That is the point at which the plot organized by degenerate Washington lawmakers, a degenerate knowledge network, and a similarly degenerate media to subvert the Constitution and evacuate an appropriately chosen president gets known to a wide swath of Americans.

This is the peril this degenerate build of legislators, frightens, and their account engineers, face if Assange is effectively removed to the United States where he can affirm.

Congressman Dana Rohrbacher, the main chosen U.S. authority to really chat with Julian Assange, said this regarding what he gained from that up close and personal gathering:

Rohrbacher: “When we realize the Russians weren’t included, at that point we need to comprehend that this gigantic purposeful publicity battle, this notable con-work that occurred after the political decision to keep our leader from practicing the forces conceded to him by the voters, this is one of the extraordinary political violations submitted against the American individuals in our history.”

Rohrbacher said he saw proof that makes him 99% certain Assange’s steady declaration that, “We can say, we have stated, more than once that our source isn’t the Russian government and it’s anything but a state party,” is totally valid.

Since Rohrbacher made those cases over two years prior, his words have been overlooked or misrepresented by the Deep State defensive media. Recently he looked to put any misinformation to rest:

There are multiple witnesses and cyber forensic experts, including John McAfee and William Binney, who have offered their testimony but they have been ignored. Why?

Seth Rich was killed. His homicide was rarely tackled… wonder why?

Julian Assange is the last observer with direct information on how the DNC messages came to Wikileaks… these are hazardous occasions for Assange…